How do I choose the right air-conditioner for Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is hot and humid in summer and can get cold in winter. It’s best to choose an air-conditioner that can heat the room too. 
Every installation space is unique. Talk to a specialist so you don’t underestimate or overestimate the power of the machine you buy.

What does “Suggested area” mean in your air-conditioner description?

It’s an indication of the size (in square feet) of the space a particular machine can cool. It’s only a guide – many factors need to be considered when estimating the air-conditioning requirements for a space. 


It’s best to have a specialist inspect your location before choosing a model.

How do I calculate the air-conditioner cooling capacity necessary for a room?

For Hong Kong’s climate, allowing 100 Btu/h per sq.ft. is usually adequate. So, for example, if you have a room of 100 sq.ft. then you will need a machine producing 10,000 Btu/h. You might need a less or more powerful machine depending on other factors. 


It’s best to have a specialist inspect your location before choosing a model.

Based on the dimensions of my room, which model should I choose?

More information is needed to answer this accurately. For example, does the room have windows? Which direction do they face? Are you on the top floor? 


To get an accurate idea of the ideal air-conditioner, it’s best to ask a specialist to survey the installation space.

What happens if I choose the wrong size air-conditioner?

An air-conditioner that’s too small will run non-stop without effectively cooling the room. One that’s too big will switch on and off frequently, and waste a lot of energy.

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How do I install my air-conditioner?

We strongly recommend that you have your machine installed by an experienced professional. A poor installation can result in damage to the machine, or loss of efficiency and higher costs over the long term.

Can you recommend a professional air-conditioner installer?

Please ask our retailers to help you with installation. General air-conditioners are only sold through reputable dealers who partner with qualified and experienced technicians.

I have two identical air-conditioners installed. Why is one cooler than the other?

There are different reasons for this. One of your air-conditioners may be directly exposed to sunlight or another heat source. Or one might have a blocked filter. A professional inspection is recommended if the cause is not clear.

My new air conditioner has the same horsepower as the old one and is installed in the same place. Why is it not as cool as the old one?

There are several possible causes for this. We recommend a professional inspection.

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What temperature should I set my air conditioner to?

Depending on the weather, setting your air-conditioner between 24-26°C will usually provide the ideal balance between comfort and economy. 

Is there any possibility of water leaking from my air-conditioner?

All air-conditioners produce water as a by-product of cooling. Normally this goes away through the drain pipe. Over time, and especially if not maintained regularly, dirt may block the drain in your machine and water might leak out.


It’s a good idea not to place anything that could get damaged under your air-conditioner, just in case.

Why is there frost on my air-conditioner?

This could happen when the filter is dirty. Clean the filters and see if that makes a difference. If not, maybe it’s time for a service.

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What should I do if the light on my General split-type unit is blinking?

If the filter light is blinking, clean the air filter and press the Filter Reset button. Don’t use the wall switch to turn your air-conditioner on and off – use the remote control.

If the green light is blinking on the front panel of a ceiling cassette air-conditioner unit, the basin is about to overflow. You need to clean it ASAP. 

If the timer or operation light is blinking on a wall-mounted air-conditioner, there may be abnormality detected, please contact your service team.

What does it mean when the red light of the split-type unit is ON?

It means the unit is functioning properly.

How do I clean the air filter?

Remove the air filter, hose water through it, dry with a cloth, then put it back.

How often should I clean the air filter?

It’s recommended that you examine the air filter at least once a month if you use the air-conditioner often. If the filter looks dirty then clean it.

Why is there a bad smell coming from the air-conditioner?

That’s not normal. Have the machine looked at by a professional technician.

Why is the wall clammy when my air-conditioner is off?

When your air-conditioner is on all night in humid weather, the indoor humidity gets very low and indoor wall surfaces cool down. If you open the windows immediately after you turn off the air-conditioner, moisture enters the room and condenses on the wall. Let the room warm up slowly before opening windows and doors to prevent this. 

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Why is my new air-conditioner noisy?

It may still have an anti-vibration cup attached. Ask your dealer if they removed it. If not, ask them for a service. If you can’t contact the installer, we can help you.

Where can I find the model number and serial numbers on my General air-conditioner?

In window-type units the numbers can be found on the left corner of the base pan after you remove the front grille.


On wall-mounted split type units numbers are on the right side of the indoor unit.


The numbers are not readily visible in ceiling mounted or duct type units.

Can I return the warranty certificate without the model number?

Yes. But please keep your original purchase and installation receipts. 

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