Keeping Hong Kong cool since 1976

As the Hong Kong distributor of General brand air-conditioners by Fujitsu of Japan, we supply, maintain and consult on comfort.

General air-conditioner reliability and durability is the product of Japanese technology, advanced manufacturing techniques and high quality components.

Choose General for quiet air-conditioning with the power to cool a room down fast.

We’ll give you long-term peace of mind, and years and years of comfort.

We’re Hong Kongers too

The General team in Hong Kong work hard to understand your needs and ensure you get stress-free air-conditioning that always keeps you comfortable.

General team members are very experienced and empowered to make decisions that help you. Just ask!

We’ve always innovated for Hong Kong

General works hard to be as eco-friendly as possible. We earned Hong Kong’s first energy label for split type air conditioners, and we were among the first to introduce energy saving inverters and promote recycling.