an air-conditioner perfect for
Hong Kong conditions

General has been air-conditioning Hong Kong since 1974.

We’ll show you how to choose the right air-conditioner for Hong Kong’s unique weather and architecture.

1. Understand the basics

It’s just gas under pressure

Air-conditioning works by exchanging heat from inside a room to outside the room. It does this by compressing refrigerant gas, and then expanding it. When the gas expands, it gets cooler.

The gas is compressed by a machine called a compressor, which is noisy. Bigger compressors produce more powerful cooling – and more noise.

Window-type air-conditioners

All the components of these machines are in a box that hangs out of the room. Switch one on and listen carefully. You will hear the compressor noise. Window-type air-conditioners are less desirable because of the noise. Hong Kong is noisy enough already!

Split-type air-conditioners

These are quiet because the compressor is installed outside the building, separate from the air-conditioning unit installed inside the room. In older generation of split-type machines, the compressor is either running or not running.

Inverter split-type air-conditioners

The new generation of air-conditioners features variable speed compressors. This innovation allows the compressor to run slower when less cooling is required. You’ll save a lot of energy with one of these – electricity is not cheap in Hong Kong.

General offers a wide range of quality air-conditioners, from sophisticated inverter split-types, to single-unit window solutions.

Remember, Hong Kong can get cold in winter

It makes a lot of sense to choose an air-conditioner with heating as well as cooling.

All General inverter split-type air-conditioners also offer heating to keep you warm through Hong Kong’s chilly winter months.

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2. Know the true cost of

When calculating the cost of your air-conditioning, it’s important to consider its whole life:

The price of the air-conditioner

The purchase price of an air-conditioner is only part of its lifetime cost – so choose one that’s electricity-efficient. You’ll need to ensure the one you buy is right for the room. It’s easy to overestimate or underestimate your needs. Ask for a professional assessment of your needs. Don’t forget maintenance too – it’s better to choose a brand like General that offers excellent support.

Your monthly electricity bill

Getting the right machine will result in lower electricity bills for the life of the installation. General’s inverter-type air-conditioners are far more efficient and cheaper in the long-term.

Installation costs

Installing split-type air-conditioners in Hong Kong can be expensive and complicated because of how the buildings here are constructed. A poor installation could cause damage to your machine. Ensure you select a qualified technician to get your installation right.

Maintenance costs

Over time the cooling coil in air-conditioners become coated with micro-particles that decrease efficiency and produce smells. Your air-conditioner should be professionally cleaned regularly to keep it quiet, powerful, and energy efficient.

Make sure your machine is maintained by an experienced professional

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3. Consider your unique space

Get a professional to assess your space being cooled before choosing a particular model of air-conditioner. If you choose Alpha Appliance Ltd. (General’s Hong Kong distributor) to install your machine, we’ll check your home and recommend the right model.

All these factors need to be considered:

  • What is the purpose of the room?
  • Which floor are you on?
  • How high are your ceilings
  • What are the dimensions of the room?
  • How many windows does the room have?
  • How much sunlight does the exterior walls get during the day?
  • Which direction does your window face?
  • How accessible will the machine be for routine maintenance?

Choose General and you won’t have to worry about anything. We’ll check out your site and give you professional advice. You get perfect comfort and great value.

4. Insist on a professional installation

Sometimes you hear about air-conditioners that don’t last very long. This is often because of a poor installation. Maybe the installer didn’t put enough refrigerant in it. Maybe a pipe got dented. Maybe it has a tiny leak. Or the external unit might be boxed in and unable to breath. It’s vital to ensure your machine is installed by experienced professionals – it’s a good idea to insist that Alpha Appliances carry out the installation.

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